New sponsor for Northumbria Masters

We are pleased to announce a brand new main sponsor for the Northumbria Chess Masters, to be held at The Chillingham pub from February 14-18, 2018.

Thanks to generous sponsorship from Capital Bridging Finance Solutions Ltd, we have been able to add new prizes and increase others for the tournament.

The tournament – a nine-round FIDE-rated Swiss – will have opportunities for international title norms, including for GM and IM, and now has a total prize fund of £3,150, including a 1st prize of £1,200. Other prizes are: 2nd £600, 3rd £400, 4th £300, 5th £200, 6th £150, top junior £100, top Under 2400 player £100 and top Under 2200 player £100.

We have confirmed entries from a number of very strong titled players, including 6 Grandmasters: Vojtech Plat (Czech Republic), Oleg Korneev (Spain), Jahongir Vakhidov (Uzbekistan), Daniel Gormally, Mark Hebden and Keith Arkell (England). We also have entries from 8 International Masters: Justin Tan (Australia), Andrew Greet (Scotland), Grzegorz Nasuta (Poland), Alan Merry, David Eggleston and Gary Quillan (England) and Andrew Muir (Scotland).

To allow for the maximum IM, GM, WGM and other norm opportunities, we plan to use the FIDE-approved Baku Acceleration pairings system.

IMPORTANT: Due to the need to provide norm opportunities and space restrictions, we are currently not accepting new entries from players with FIDE ratings lower than 2200. Players wishing to enter after 9/12/17 rated less than 2200 should contact the organiser and will be put on a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis.

To enter, you can download the entry form from the English Chess Federation calendar. Online entry and payment via PayPal/bank card is available here on this website.

If you are a titled player (IM/GM/WGM) and would like to enter, please contact the organiser, Tim Wall, directly at: timpeterwall [at] gmail [dot] com, or call: +44 (0) 750 372 2366.

If you would like to join the waiting list to enter, please also contact Tim Wall.

As well as our main sponsor, we would also like to thank various organisations who are supporting the tournament financially.

These are: the English Chess Federation, the Friends of Chess and the John Robinson Youth Chess Trust, who have made equally generous donations to the event.


These donations have enabled us to offer a limited number of appearance fees to titled guest players (Grandmasters & International Masters) to ensure that there are enough non-English players to allow for title norms, and to offer coaching and financial support to local junior players entering the tournament.

Several local players are hosting a visiting GM or IM during the tournament. If you would like to offer to be a host for a visiting titled player, please contact Tim Wall.

Full list of entries received so far:

1 GM Vojtech Plat (CZE) 2560

2 GM Oleg Korneev (ESP) 2553

3 GM Jahongir Vakhidov (UZB) 2500

4 GM Daniel Gormally (ENG) 2474

5 IM Justin Tan (AUS) 2464

6 IM Andrew Greet (SCO) 2460

7 IM Grzegorz Nasuta (POL) 2450

8 GM Mark Hebden (ENG) 2445

9 GM Keith Arkell (ENG) 2423

10 IM Alan Merry (ENG) 2422

11 IM David J. Eggleston (ENG) 2389

12 IM Gary Quillan (ENG) 2344

13 FM Alex Longson (ENG) 2317

14 IM Andrew Muir (SCO) 2297

15 Paul Macklin (ENG) 2296

16 FM David J Walker (ENG) 2284

17 FM Charles H Storey (ENG) 2262

18 FM Chris Duncan (ENG) 2242

19 Richard McMichael (ENG) 2232

20 FM Sohan Phadke (IND) 2196

21 Thomas Eggleston (ENG) 2170

22 James Moreby (ENG) 2105 (junior)

23 WFM Sarah Longson (ENG) 2103

24 Stuart White (SCO) 2098

25 Joseph Dalton (ENG) 2045 (junior)

26 Daniel Sullivan (ENG) 1952

27 Yichen Han (NED) 1937 (junior)

28 Max Turner (ENG) 1923  (junior)

29 Nick Burrows (ENG) 1920

30 Zheming Zhang (ENG) 1900 (junior)

31 Robert Kane (ENG) 1893

32 Piotr Niedbal (POL) 1877

33 Robin J Nandi (ENG) 1810

34 Robert Stern (ENG) 1802

35 Mark Younger (ENG) 1720

36 Peter J Garrett (ENG) 1685