2nd EJCOA Forest Hall Invitational & Youth Tournament

The 2nd EJCOA Forest Hall IM & Youth all-play-all tournaments will be held at Forest Hall Social Club, Errington Terrace, Palmersville, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 9DQ, on 17-21 December, 2021.

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The IM norm all-play-all lineup is:

1 IM Matthew Wadsworth (ENG)
2 IM David Eggleston (ENG)
3 IM Neil Bradbury (ENG)
4 FM Maciej Czopor (POL)
5 FM Tom O’Gorman (IRL)
6 FM Jonah Willow (ENG)
7 FM Tarun Kanyamarala (IRL)
8 FM Yichen Han (NED)
9 FM William Claridge-Hansen (ENG)
10 FM Jonathan Blackburn (WLS)

The IM norm will be 6/9 for all norm seekers, based on the December 2021 FIDE Rating List.

Time control is 90 minutes for the whole game with a 30-second increment from move one.

Youth (Under 25) Training All-Play-All Tournament

1 Trisha Kanyamarala (IRL) (2190)
2 Bernard Chan (MAS) (1897)
3 Nicolas Skettos (CYP) (1922)
4 Samuel Parry (ENG) (1812)
5 Ned Carmichael (ENG) (1794)
6 Morgan French (ENG) (1537)
7 Julie Oh (ENG) (1268)
8 Arun Mohindra (ENG) (unrated)
9 Ethan Tatters (ENG) (unrated)
10 Alexander Johnston (ENG) (unrated)

Youth Training Tournament time control:
60 minutes for all moves, plus 30 seconds increment per move from move 1.


Playing schedule (for both tournaments)

R1: Friday 17 December, 6:30pm

R2: Saturday 18 December, 9:00am

R3: Saturday 18 December, 2:00pm

R4: Sunday 19 December, 11:00am

R5: Sunday 19 December, 4:00pm

R6: Monday 20 December, 11:00am

R7: Monday 20 December, 4:00pm

R8: Tuesday 21 December, 9:00am

R9: Tuesday 21 December 2:00pm