Blood on The Board: Brigadeers 4-1 Chieftains

Jamie Mcintosh 0-1 John Wall

The eagerly awaited derby clash between Forest Hall Brigadeers (the B team) and Forest Hall Chieftains (the C team) could have gone either way, but in the end was a big win for the Brigadeers: 4-1.

However, the result doesn’t tell the full story.

On Board 1, Stuart Skelsey was a pawn down for most of the game and was very short of time, but then he found a tactic to regain the pawn and a draw was agreed.

On Board 2, Mike Smith and Ravi Wariyar played a complex positional game, and Mike forced a draw via perpetual check – which was a fair result.

On Board 3 : John Wall Snr won a piece early on, but Jeff Bentham wasn’t about to give in easily. He pushed his pawns to create promotion threats, but then missed a tactic in time trouble which would have won the game (Mike Smith could be heard saying afterwards “Any other move by Jeff would have won”) and John took the advantage to win the ending with 2 minutes left on his clock.

On Board 4, I had the worst of the opening and was losing a pawn, when Mark misjudged a combination – leaving him 2 pawns down, and with the imminent loss of a piece, he resigned.

On Board 5, Johnny Wall Jnr played cautiously and built up some pressure but couldn’t find a breakthrough. I think he was getting frustrated and made a forcing move, which lost the exchange, and was rapidly running out of time. But then – just a Jamie looked to have everything under control – the game swung back, and Johnny was able to swap off into a won ending. He was very relieved to have won with about 1 minute remaining on his clock.

So on a different day, the outcome could easily have been 4-1 to the C team. An exciting match!

Jamie McIntosh 0-1 John Wall Jnr

  • Event: NCA League
  • Date: 2017.01.21
  • White: Jamie McIntosh
  • Black: John Wall Jnr