Emma Salazar is joint winner at Chessable British Chess Championships

Forest Hall Chess Club’s Emma Salazar shared first place in the Under 1600 section of the 2022 Chessable British Championships which took place between 8th and 21st August at The Riviera International Centre in Torquay.

Fourteen year old Emma scored an excellent total of 6 points from the 7 rounds in the competition, and played against opponents with a much higher rating in every game. Despite being the lowest ranked player in the 27 strong field, Emma proved to be more than a match for the others in the Under 1600 group.

Photo by Melinda Wilde (Melinda Wilde Photography) 2022

One of Emma’s most impressive achievements was beating Evan McCourt from Ireland who is rated 1582. The time control was 90 minutes to complete the game with 30 seconds added per move.

Here is the full game which includes several neat tactical ideas.