Forest Hall A go top of Division 1

Danny Gormally


Forest Hall Admirals have surged to the top of Division 1 with two spectacular wins, against Gosforth Empire (3.5-1.5) and Tynemouth A (4-1), thanks in no small part to GM Danny Gormally joining the club.

These two results put the Admirals one match point clear at the top of the league (11 match points from 7 matches, including 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss), ahead of Durham City on 10 match points.

Danny’s first two games for the team were very different: Against the Gosforth board one, the North East’s top junior, James Moreby, he was able to efficiently convert an advantageous endgame after breaking through to the seventh rank with a rook, while against Paul Dargan (Tynemouth) he emerged victorious in a complex tactical struggle.

Other key wins were scored by Zheming Zhang to overcome fellow junior Joe Dalton and then Mick Riding, respectively.

Forest Hall Admirals 3.5-1.5 Gosforth Empire
February 3, 2017

1 Danny Gormally (b) 1-0 James Moreby (w)
2 Tim Wall 1-0 David Armbruster
3 Zheming Zhang 1-0 Joseph Dalton
4 Martin Seeber 0.5-0.5 John Wheeler
5 Ravi Wariyar 0-1 Michael McBeth

Tynemouth A 1-4 Forest Hall Admirals
February 7, 2017

1 Paul Dargan (b) 0-1 Danny Gormally (w)
2 David Henderson 0-1 Tim Wall
3 Mick Riding 0-1 Zheming Zhang
4 Darren Laws 1-0 Ravi Wariyar
5 John Clarke 0-1 Mark Younger

The next match, against Durham City at home on Friday March 3, could well decide the league.

Danny Gormally – Paul Dargan
Forest Hall Admirals v Tynemouth A
Feb 7, 2017
Bogo-Indian Defence