It’s a Knockout !

The Summer Knockout competition has been launched.

Forest Hall Chess Club has entered 7 teams this year and the full list of fixtures is as follows :

Morpeth A v Forest Hall B
Leam Lane v Forest Hall G
Forest Hall E v Morpeth B
Tynemouth B v Gateshead
Morpeth C v Gosforth A
Forest Hall C v Gosforth C
Gosforth D v Forest Hall D
Jesmond v Forest Hall F
Forest Hall A v Alnwick
South Shields v Gosforth B
Tynemouth D v BYE

Competition format

Winners of Round 1 go into the Trophy, losers into the Plate, after which it is strict knockout.

Handicap system

Each team shall fall into one of five categories: Open, Major, Inter(mediate), Minor or Novice. A team’s category shall be determined by the grades of its players. For the purposes of this tournament:

If the grade of a team’s board 1 player is 120 or lower and the total grade of the team is 380 or lower, that team is Novice.

Otherwise, if the board 1 player is 140 or lower and the total is 470 or lower, the team is Minor.

Otherwise, if the board 1 player is 160 or lower and the total is 560 or lower, the team is Inter.

Otherwise, if the board 2 player is 160 or lower and the total is 650 or lower, the team is Major.

Otherwise, the team is Open. To summarise:


Board 1 limitBoard 2 limitTeam limit

Where two teams are from different categories, the lower graded team shall receive one handicap point for each category their opponents are above them, plus one half point, to a maximum of 3½. Therefore:

Higher graded team


Lower graded team



Closing dates for rounds

The closing dates for reporting results in 2017 are as follows:

Round 1:                     Saturday 27th  May

Round 2:                     Saturday 24th June

Quarter Finals:        Saturday 22nd July

Semi Finals:              Saturday 19th August

Finals:                         Saturday 16th September