Knockout Round 1 results

Results from Round 1 of Knockout Competition

Forest Hall A had a bye and will play Gosforth D in the next round

Forest Hall B progress to round 2 after their win v Alnwick A and will play Gosforth B next

ColourBoardForest Hall B2022-06-22Alnwick A
B1Skelsey, Stuart0 – 1Ellames, George J
W2Arora, Manoj1 – 0Hardy, Andrew
B3Mohindra, Raj K1 – 0Castledine, Paul
W4Welson, Aaron1 – 0Fitch, Eddy F
Score3 – 1
Handicap0 – 0
Total3 – 1


Forest Hall C are knocked out by Gosforth D and enter the plate, they have a bye in the next round

ColourBoardGosforth D2022-06-20Forest Hall C
B1Chan, Joe0 – 1Wall, John jnr
W2Beardsley, Martin½ – ½Smith, Mike E
B3Chapman, Dominic1 – 0Baird, Jeff
W4Wilde, Steven0 – 1French, Morgan
Score1½ – 2½
Handicap1½ – 0
Total3 – 2½


Forest Hall D are beaten by Gosforth B and enter the plate competition to face Gosforth C

ColourBoardForest Hall D2022-06-17Gosforth B
B1Sijacic, Dusan0 – 1Liddle, John
W2Rook, Ian R½ – ½McKay, Mark
B3Duff, Ryan JG0 – 1Chester, Ian B
W4Tatters, Ethan0 – 1Moreby, Kurt E
Score½ – 3½
Handicap1½ – 0
Total2 – 3½