October News

Summary of News from October.

Northumberland Chess Congress.

Forest Hall’s team (Ryan Duff, Raj Mohindra and Tim Wall) won the Stanowski trophy at the Northumberland Chess Congress. Tim Wall was 1st in the Open with 4½/5.

NJCA NPS Chess Congress:

Oliver received a trophy as top boy in the Seniors section with 4/5 points. Joshua, Jonathan and Felix won silver medals. Yogam was joint 3rd (under 9). Northumbria Junior Chess Association

Scarborough Congress:

At the Scarborough Congress, Ethan Tatters (3½-5) was awarded the grading prize (1350-1449)

NCA League results:

Forest Hall A 3 – 1 Tynemouth A

Gosforth Centurions 0 – 4 Forest Hall B

Forest Hall C 3½ – ½ Gateshead A

Forest Hall D 2 – 2 South Shields C

Alnwick B 2 – 2 Forest Hall E

Ryan Duff’s best game from this year’s Northumberland Congress

1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 a6 4.a4 dxc4 5.e4 Nc6 6.Nf3 Na5 7.Be3 Bb4 8.Be2 Nf6 9.Bg5 c5 10.dxc5 Qxd1+ 11.Rxd1 Bd7 12.O-O Bxc3 13.bxc3 Nxe4 14.Bd2 Bxa4 15.Ra1 Nxc5 16.Be3 Nab3 17.Ra3 Rc8 18.Bxc4 b5 19.Be2 Ne4 20.c4 Nc3 21.Bd3 b4 22.Rxa4 Nxa4 23.Bc2 Nac5 24.Rb1 Na5 25.Rxb4 Ke7 26.Rb6 Nxc4 27.Bxc5+ Rxc5 28.Rxa6 Nb2 29.Ne1 Rhc8 30.Be4 Rc1 31.Kf1 f5 32.Ra7+ Kf6 33.Bb7 Rd8 34.Ra3 Rdd1 0-1